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Homeschooling Families Order Writing Book that Teaches Writing to All Ages

Whether students are learning online, via remote learning or by shortened school days, families search for materials that make learning at home fun while meeting their children's educational needs.

Many families have ordered Winuply Press's book, Write Now: Ideas for Writers and found great success in encouraging children to have fun while writing. The book has writing prompts for both fiction and nonfiction that include writing to tell, writing to teach and writing to entertain.

According to the author, Holly Winter Huppert, many school programs don't give equal time to different kinds of writing, leaning on writing to explain. Huppert states that children love to write to entertain and by following the prompts in her writing book, children break out of the mold of "Boring/stuffy/academic writing and learn to have fun on the page."

Children can learn to have fun while writing at home?

Just what every family is searching for.

Order Write Now: Ideas for Writers anywhere books are sold around the world, or from


As this time of uncertainty continues, let Winuply Press's books Hans Helps (about a boy who learns how to keep his extended family safe during the coronavirus pandemic) and Write Now: Ideas for Writers (a book of fiction and nonfiction writing prompts) support your teachers and students.

Winuply Press: We know education.

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