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Welcome to Winuply Press.

We publish the books you want to read, share with friends and own. 

Winuply Press

Books for All

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Winuply Press  is a woman owned, independent publishing company that publishes high quality books for adults and children.


It launched after the author, Holly Winter Huppert tired of the low quality books traditional publishing companies put out.


Here at Winuply Press we pride ourselves in hiring the best professionals in the publishing industry and taking the time to publish the very best books possible.

Our books never go out of print--check back any time to reorder your favorite reads.


Are you looking for one of our authors to discuss one of their books with your book club or classroom? Fill out the contact form below to request an author visit free of charge.


We publish many books each year. Keep up with our new acquisitions by joining our mailing list--below. We will never-ever-ever share your email address with anyone for any reason.

Now Available

Order Unimaginable now. 

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New Book Alert!

Check out Holly Winter Huppert's newest Children's book:
Muddy Popcorn.

Kids around the country have been writing for fun.

For FUN!

Want one?


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Poly Letofsky
Lynda Laurendine
Besy Ogoo

Betsy Osgood
Editorial Director

Polly Letofsky

Publishing Account Manager

Lynda Laurendine


Adam Seidman

Adam Seidman
IT Director

Heather Schwegler
Holly Winter Huppert

Holly Winter Huppert 


Heather Schwegler
Publicity Director

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