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Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer


I love Cheese for Breakfast, stories of average people in a land of ancient history. These people are so different then Americans in many ways and then so similar on closer view.  A sociology class for everyone to read. The pictures make the writing come alive. 


"Addictive. A wild ride. Unexpected. A travel treat."

                                          -- Barnaby Fiiez,

                                 Columnist, Paris Quarterly.

"A feel good adventure filled with travel tips and interesting people.

                                                --Pat Quinby,

                               Author: Traveler of Mondays.

"How could one traveler have so many good days? Good thing she recorded it all for our pleasure. One day I will gladly travel in her footsteps."

                                           --Becca Jonn,                                                                                            One. Two. Travel

Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story​

Review: Hans

5.0 out of 5 stars A great way to help children with learning about the COVID world! 

Great book and a very timely story to help children understand the world since the COVID outbreak. Easy to read and has great heart! My children loved it! Thank you so much!


After reading Hans Helps, my four children washed their hands without my constant nagging, which means that this book could literally save our lives.

                                                       --Melonee Diven          


We have reread this book again and again, my daughters love it. Hans Helps shines a light on a dark time. My daughters love to follow the Healthy 7, like he does.                               

                         --Harvey Miller  


Write Now: Ideas for Writers

Review: Write Now

This writer is a genius! My children haven't stopped writing since they got Write Now: Ideas for Writers. I had to order a second copy so they could each have their own. This is just what we needed.


                             Anne Willows

What timing, finding Write Now: Ideas for Writers. With the whole family locked inside the house due to the coronavirus, we've been searching for ways to make learning fun. The kids, 9 year old boy, 7 year old girl and a 6 year old girl love writing fiction. Who knew? 

Dale Smith

My husband bought Write Now: Ideas for writers,  for us, thinking it might be a fun distraction while we search for things to do inside the house, #covid19 We've been writing the craziest stories to make each other laugh. We hope the Winuply Press is looking for funny stories to publish one day, because we have more every day.

Sophi and Tyler Moore


Hans Goes to Snow Day School

Review: Snow Day School

We live in Florida where there isn't any snow so our children especially loved Hans Goes to Snow Day School. Please let Holly Winter Huppert know that our kindergarten twins would like to sign up for Snow Day School.

Mary and Mason Rivers 

My daughter loved reading Hans Goes to Snow Day School by herself. Now she calls learning at home, Snow Day School.

Ryan Ribbons 

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