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Clipboard: Hudson Valley Collection: Mutty's Cape

Clipboard: Hudson Valley Collection: Mutty's Cape


📋 This might be the best gift you've ever found for a creator of any kind: a clipboard that's printed on both sides with Mutty's Cape.


This design was crocheted by Holly Winter Huppert's mother, who is now 84-years-old. She wore this cape for over 30 years. These days her mother prefers to wear a thick hoodie when she goes out to care for her goats: the hay doesn't stick to the hoodie.


*We can not promise that your creating will improve just from owning this clipboard.


Get one clipboard for yourself and one for a friend. 


Holly keeps her clipboard in her office. Where will you keep yours?


🌟Free Shipping.


.: Fiberboard base
.: Built-in pull-out hook
.: two-sided design
.: 9'' × 12.5 ” (22.86 cm × 31.75 cm)

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