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LARGE PRINT: Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer

LARGE PRINT: Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer



Holly Winter Huppert’s Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer is a joy ride of surprises; a perfect escapist read...


Join Huppert's adventure as she climbs castles, eats from communal bowls, joins a 40-minute water fight from the back of a truck, lives with a Turkish family, visits remote areas and marks two lifelong dreams off of her bucket list:


1. Visit the ancient city of Ephesus

2. Watch the Whirling Dervishes whirl in prayer. 


Whether you want to use this book with 90 pages of the author’s black and white travel photos as a blueprint so you can follow in her footsteps or as entertainment as you sip a coffee from the comfort of home, this could be the adventure you’ve been waiting for.


Holly Winter Huppert may remind you of other travel writers. She writes about remote areas like James Michener, gets to know the locals wherever she goes like Paul Theroux, follows her passion of learning about other cultures like Bruce Chatwin--all while making you laugh like Bill Bryson.

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