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GOOD NEWS: The Winuply Press warehouse is stocked with Holly Winter Huppert's newest book, Unimaginable: Volunteering for Ukrainian Refugees.

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Wendle K: "I appreciate the insider view into the refugee crisis."

Christine R: "I sat up all night reading while cheering for the people I met and worrying nonstop that they wouldn't make it."

Fendi N. "Let's send Holly to Gaza so we can find out what's really going on there."

Lana V: "5 stars. I am buying copies for everyone I know for Christmas gifts."


During the summer of 2022--four months after the War on Ukraine started, Holly Winter Huppert traveled to Krakow, Poland to help Ukrainian refugees--who were mostly women and children. She volunteered in a free shop that provided clothing and accessories free of charge.

Her book is an honest portrayal of her time in Krakow as she struggled with the burden of helping people who had lost--everything.

As is her signature style, Unimaginable is written with Huppert's wit, keen observation skills and her ongoing commitment to honestly share her days. Her book includes black and white photos that help her writings come alive.


If you buy the book from WInuply Press, you will get a bookmark. If you buy the book elsewhere, send a photo to along with your address and we will mail you a bookmark--while supplies last.


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This enormous savings is our gift to you.

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