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Teacher Pens Book to Excite Young Writers

When Holly Winter Huppert, an educator with 30 years in the classroom, couldn't find a book that would teach her students how to write silly as well as factual, she decided to write the book herself.

Winuply Press is excited to announce that Write Now: Ideas for Writers is in production and Team Winuply expects the book will be out by March 15th.

Write Now Ideas for Writers is a 38 page book with full color photos that includes both fiction and nonfiction writing prompts that will be useful for teachers in the classroom and children at home.


As this time of uncertainty continues, let Winuply Press's books Hans Helps and Write Now: Ideas for Writers support your teachers and students.


Winuply Press: We know education.

Schools interested in bulk order discounts of Hans Helps can get get a free digital copy of the book for considerations, and more information by contacting Winuply Press using the information below.


Winuply Press Upstate New York 845-481-3859


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