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Ask Hans: An Interview with Hans

Over the past few months, we have received many questions about the book, Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story.

Most of the queries have been about Hans.

Today we asked Hans a few questions.

Team Winuply: How do you feel about having a book with your name on it? Hans: I’m just glad that everyone is learning about the virus so it can go away fast.

Team Winuply: Did anything surprise you about the book? Hans: My kindergarten teacher read it to the whole class on the computer. I was so surprised.

Team Winuply: What did you think about the book? Hans: Aunt Holly missed one word. I said H is for horse and she didn’t put it in the book. Team Winuply: Was that upsetting to you? Hans: I know that H is for horse, so next time I will write that in my book.

Team Winuply: Would you like to see all of the news outlets that wrote about the book? Hans: Ok. And then can you read some of it to me? Then we can talk about the parts.

Team Winuply: A lot of people are asking questions about you and what you are really like. Hans: You can tell them I have a new wiggly tooth. Team Winuply: Which tooth? Hans: The top one, in the middle. (See photo)

Team Winuply: In the book you eat a carrot. Do you really like carrots? Hans: Yes. Can I have a carrot right now?

Team Winuply: In the book it says you will celebrate when the virus goes away by eating chocolate cake. Hans: Do you have chocolate cake right now? Team Winuply: I thought you wanted a carrot. Hans: How about I eat cake now and have a carrot another time. Team Winuply: Sorry, the virus isn’t over, yet. We don’t have any chocolate cake. Hans: Could I have a carrot?

###End of interview.


As this time of uncertainty continues, let Winuply Press's books Hans Helps and Write Now: Ideas for Writers support your teachers and students.


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Schools interested in bulk order discounts of Hans Helps can get get a free digital copy of the book for considerations, and more information by contacting Winuply Press using the information below.


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