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Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer due November 2020

Winuply Press is pleased to announce the release of the forthcoming book, Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer, due November 1st.

The highly anticipated book follows the author, Holly Winter Huppert, as she travels through Turkey in the summer of 2019. During her trip Huppert relied on the kindness of strangers as she visited everything from small towns to major cities.

Each day the author wrote the stories of her adventures which were read by many thousands of people around the world each day of her trip.

Finally these writings are to be available with Huppert's black and white photographs integrated throughout the stories.

Huppert's love of traveling is apparent in the book, but her humorous take on her travels is the adventure we all need right now.

Unexpected. Fun. Challenging. Inspiring. Laughable. Interesting.

And if the reader decides to add Turkey to the list of places to travel, may you be comforted in knowing that Turkey is one of the countries Americans may still travel to.

Winuply Press is seeking reviews for this title. For consideration of being published on our website, fill in the form on the home page of

Thank you for supporting small publishers.

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