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Gift this Book to Your Favorite Traveler: Cheese for Breakfast

**Best Gift Alert***

Do you know someone who misses traveling and can't make any plans to travel due to the pandemic?

Gift your favorite traveler with Holly Winter Huppert's book, Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer and the author will sign and dedicate the book.

Include your request for personalization at checkout by clicking HERE. Books can be sent anywhere in the continental US with Priority shipping for just $5 from this Winuply website.

Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer by Holly Winter Huppert also be purchased anywhere books are sold. (ISBN # 978-0-9983852-4-2)

Huppert's book follows her journey through Turkey in the summer of 2019 as she relied on the kindness of locals at each small town and big city she visited to help her find the best experiences.

Her book is a wide-eyed look at adventure, friendship and never wanting to go home and is the perfect gift for people who like travel and people who'd rather sit and read about someone else's travel.


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