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Holly Winter Huppert's Book due Fall of 2020: Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer

Some of Huppert's long time fans have followed her from her first writing gig starting in 2002 when she started now-defunct weekly column, "Living the Life of Holly." Others are newer fans from her memoir (Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias) or her children's books (Write Now: Ideas for Writers, Hans Helps and Hans Goes to Snow Day School.)

Fans from around the world have been asking when she would publish another book of essays, and she finally has an answer.

Fall of 2020.

The long anticipated release of Huppert's next book stems from a solo travel adventure to Turkey the summer of 2019. She went to a country where she didn't know anyone and left with lists of new friends and stories of adventures large and small. But the most valuable take away from this trip may be the writing she did there.

Over 15,000 people followed Huppert's travel adventure as she forged a path through unknown territory.

Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer promises a collection of her daily writings, and new stories. Subscribers to her mailing list will receive a 10% discount for preorders. If you'd like to add your name to the subscriber list, click HERE and enter your email address. We will never share your email address with anyone for any reason.

COVID-19 may keep us from traveling this year, but we can look forward to armchair travel with Huppert at the helm.


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