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Teacher Pledges 50% of Proceeds to Charity

Author Holly Winter Huppert pledged 50% of the proceeds from her children's book on the coronavirus, Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story will go to charity.

Huppert states that the organizations she is helping are in the area of Kingston, New York where she teaches kindergarten. "There is such a need for additional funding to help families at this time." she said. "It saddens me to see children who are living in conditions where food, shelter and clothing and a basic lack of resources are the norm. Some of my students are hungry... and I am relieved to have found a way to help them."

Lynda Laurendine, the publisher of WInuply Press, said that the first hundred copies of the book sold within days of being released. "Families are searching for a child-friendly story to help teach children about the virus without scaring them." she said. "We've had several people who bought a copy and once they read it, they returned and bought more for their children's friends."

When asked what she thought about the author donating half of the proceeds of the book, Laurendine stated, "Holly made her intention of using this book to help those in need from the start."

Hans Helps can be ordered from Winuply Press ( or by sharing the ISBN number (978-0-9983852-2-8) and title (Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story by Holly Winter Huppert) with your local bookstore or directly from us.

Hans Helps is an 80 page book with black and white photographs. Customers can order from Winuply Press using Paypal or our secure check out system. The cost of the book is $12.00.


As this time of uncertainty continues, let Winuply Press's books Hans Helps and Write Now: Ideas for Writers support your teachers and students.


Winuply Press: We know education.

Schools interested in bulk order discounts of Hans Helps can get get a free digital copy of the book for considerations, and more information by contacting Winuply Press using the information below.


Winuply Press Upstate New York 845-481-3859


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