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Teacher Writes the Very Book She Needed to Teach Writing to Children

After 30 years in the classroom, Holly Winter Huppert tired of searching for a creative writing book and wrote the book herself.

Write Now: Ideas for Writers, published by Winuply Press, is due out March 15th.

Huppert wanted to write a book to encourage young writers to write wild ideas as much as factual reports.

Huppert says, "We can read the book, "Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, which is about young children staying home alone, but there isn't time in school for children to write their own crazy stories."

The book is 38 pages of color photographs and writing prompts that are both fiction and nonfiction. Though the book is geared for children, the book doesn't mention that it is for young writers as Huppert claims that children like books that aren't only for children.

So if your family is searching for a little creativity, get a copy of Write Now: Ideas for Kids and see what wild stories your children think up.


As this time of uncertainty continues, let Winuply Press's books Hans Helps and Write Now: Ideas for Writers support your teachers and students.


Winuply Press: We know education.

Schools interested in bulk order discounts of Hans Helps can get get a free digital copy of the book for considerations, and more information by contacting Winuply Press using the information below.


Winuply Press Upstate New York 845-481-3859


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