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'Hans Helps' Donations Benefit Children

Just after the pandemic started, we here at Winuply Press published a book for children about the coronavirus.

We heard from people around the world who read Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story and loved it.

Author Holly Winter Huppert pledged to share 50% of the proceeds of the book with community nonprofits committed to helping feed, clothe and house children in Ulster County, where the author lives and works.

Here is a thank you note from a donation to People's Place, the largest foodbank in Ulster County, where the author lives and teaches. How exciting it is to be a part of a community of helping.

If you're considering a donation, maybe you'll donate money to People's Place, too. It's a wonderful place that helps many thousands of people. You can donate directly from their website.


December 23, 2020

Dear Holly Winter Huppert,

On behalf of the Board of Directors at People’s Place, I extend a heartfelt thank you for your generous donation on December 21, 2020, which represents 50% of the profits from your children's book about Coronavirus. That was so thoughtful of you! This gift will help support the twenty-three different programs that are offered here at People’s Place.

In 2020, despite the COVID pandemic, we have continued our 48-year mission of supporting our neighbors in need with healthy, nutritious foods and life essentials all while creating a culture of belonging for all who need us. Your gift is helping us achieve this mission. From our Food Pantry and Community Café to the COVID deliveries to Project Santa to our various clothing programs, we strive to help our Ulster County families and individuals.

Your generosity will certainly help those who are less fortunate in our community and is greatly appreciated!

Always Grateful,

Christine S. Hein, Executive Director

Our Mission: The mission of People’s Place is to feed, clothe and respond to the essential needs of the people in Ulster County with kindness, compassion and the preservation of human dignity.


As this time of uncertainty continues, let Winuply Press's books Hans Helps (about a boy who learns how to keep his extended family safe during the coronavirus pandemic) and Write Now: Ideas for Writers (a book of fiction and nonfiction writing prompts) support your teachers and children.

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